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Market Segmentation: Organize Your Email Subscribers + Boost Your Sales

I talk a lot about email lists because they are oh-SO-valuable for small businesses. Not all marketing avenues are created equal for all businesses, but email marketing is one that ALL businesses can benefit from…and market segmentation (which we’re about to talk about) will kick your email marketing up a notch! Here’s a quick recap of why email marketing is always the first thing I implement for new clients:

  • Direct line of communication between you and your customers
  • FREE (or usually really inexpensive) to set up, depending on the provider you choose
  • EASY to automate – schedule emails days, weeks or months in advance
  • Super effective at building relationships with customers and in turn, driving sales (when done correctly)

I talk about the first three bullet points all the time, but I really want to touch on the last one here. My clients and students are so frequently perplexed when it comes to content for their emails. I know I need an email list, but what do I actually SEND to people?

This is really important and really simple, so if your memory isn’t what it used to be, jot this down. If you want to build an engaged email list that drives sales, you need to provide value. But what’s valuable to one person may not necessary be valuable to another – and that’s where market segmentation comes into play (and turns emails into $$$).

Market Segmentaion

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