Because you’re here, I’m going to assume that maybe you…

  • Are a small business owner or want to be
  • Want to level up your marketing (or just get started with marketing in general)
  • Are willing to put in the work that it’s going to take to jumpstart (or restart) your marketing.

But maybe you…

  • Have no freaking clue where to start
  • Are having trouble standing out from the competition in your market
  • Glaze over as soon as you hear the terms “SEO”, “branding” and “email marketing”

Maybe months or years ago it seemed that you didn’t have to put much thought into marketing, because you were the only one (or one of the only ones) in your area offering XY+Z. But with more and more people jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, markets are becoming more saturated than ever, and the people getting the business are the the people who are getting in front of, and staying in front of the customers.

Regardless of why you’re here, or where you are in your business now, there is one thing that is absolutely true. You are good at what you do! You provide amazing products and/or services and people ARE willing to pay for those things…they just need to be able to find you. 

You want to get in front of (and stay in front of) people who need what you offer, and you don’t want to waste time and money trying to do so. But you’re not exactly sure how to make that happen, so you feel stuck and never get started.

I get it, because I’ve been there…and I’ve helped A LOT of business owners who have been there, too.

So no matter if you’ve been in business for years or if you’re brand new, whether you want me to develop and implement a marketing strategy for you, or if you just need a little hand holding while you DIY it, I’m here to help you level up your marketing and scale your business.

I’m Eden Stancill, also known as Ed (sometimes high school nicknames just stick).

As strange as it sounds, small business is my passion. I first worked for a small business in high school, then worked for another all through college, and then got my first “real job” with a small business after college. And what I started realizing was that I was always the employee coming up with creative ideas for marketing. Always the one who volunteered to run social media, create flyers, draw on chalkboards, plan events, make changes to the website or send out the emails. I had a natural ability to market, and I loved it.

So how did I get here? Ya know, on the internet talking about marketing.

To put it simply, a series of events that seemed to be the worst thing ever at the time (thought we were moving for my husband’s job, quit my job, found out we were NOT moving for my husband’s job, hyperventilated, etc.) turned out to be just the kick in the teeth that I needed to put myself out there and start my own business as a marketing strategist for small businesses.

Ever since then, I’ve devoted my professional life entirely to helping small businesses thrive through strategic marketing. Some I work with one-on-one and do the marketing for them on a daily basis, some I work with one-on-one to teach them the skills they need to do it themselves, and others I teach through my digital courses and resources! In a nutshell, I help business owners take their business and present it in the very best way to the the very best potential customers. And I live for it.

So if you…

  • Are having trouble making your business stand out
  • Need someone to take your marketing and run with it 
  • Want to learn how to market your business yourself 
  • Want marketing tips + resources sent to you regularly

As Said by Ed is the resource for you.

I’m so stoked that you’re here. I hope that in some way you find ASBE to be helpful in your marketing journey. I mentioned above that I send out marketing tips and resources…if you’d like to get in on that, join my free email list! By signing up, you’ll get access to my Resource Library that is packed full of downloads for creative entrepreneurs. Workbooks, cheat sheets, printable templates and much more all available to you 24/7!

And don’t worry, when I became a marketing professional I took an oath to never spam (okay I made the oath part up, but cross my heart, I’ll only ever send you relevant, useful info).


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