Let’s start out with some assumptions – because who doesn’t love those 😉

Because you’re here, I’m going to assume that maybe you…

  • Are a natural-born entrepreneur who needs help tapping into your creative side
  • Are a natural-born creative who needs help with business development
  • Have a kickass business idea
  • Are willing to put in the work that it’s going to take to jumpstart (or restart) your business.

But maybe you…

  • Have no freaking clue where to start
  • Are having trouble standing out from the competition
  • Glaze over as soon as you hear the terms “SEO”, “branding” and “email marketing”

Regardless of why you’re here, or where you are in your life right now, there is one thing that is absolutely true. You are good at something that not everyone is good at. And people are willing to PAY for those skills, friend. I’m talking C.A.S.H.M.O.N.E.Y. for things that you’re naturally good at/passionate about.

So whether you have no clue where to start, have some clue where to start, or you’ve already started but your business needs a little boost, I’m here to help you kick things up a notch. 

I’m Eden Stancill, also known as Ed.

I’m on a mission to rescue the burned out, the confused, the “this job is completely beneath me but I’m afraid to say that out loud” people of this world by helping them start up, stand out and build their own business + income.

First things first: Uh, where does “Ed” come from? A friend of mine in high school started calling me Ed (he thought it was funny) and it really stuck (as most lame jokes tend to do). Friends, family, co-workers, even my own husband all refer to me as Ed. So hey, if you can’t beat it, build a brand around it.

How did I get here?

I went to a four-year university (Go Pirates) and graduated from the School of Business. Over the course of my college career, the one thing that was drilled into my head over and over AND OVER again was “graduate and find a job”. Graduate and find a job. Graduate and find a job. Graduate and find a job. 

So I did. I graduated and I found a job. But every. single. day. during my commute to work I would think, “is this it for me?” Wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, do housework, go to sleep. Lather. Rinse. and f*cking Repeat. I knew that I wanted something more, but I was so conditioned to believe that I needed a “real job” in order to be successful.

Long story short: that’s all bullshit.

Call me crazy, but there is NOTHING about limited vacation days, forty hours a week at a desk, someone telling me how much money I’m going to make and unnecessary meetings that could have/should have been emails that makes me say “wow, I can’t wait to do this every day for the next forty years.

A “normal job” just isn’t right for everyone. Period.

So what happened next?

To put it simply, a series of events that seemed to be the worst thing ever at the time (thought we were moving for my husband’s job, quit my job, found out we were NOT moving for my husband’s job, hyperventilated, etc.) turned out to be just the kick in the teeth that I needed to put myself out there and start my own business as a business development and marketing specialist.

And guess what? Within one year, I was already making MORE money than I would have been making at my “normal job.” Not only was I making more money, but I was working when I wanted to and taking off when I wanted to. The freedom that working for myself has given me is exactly what I was craving in my 9-5 job…and I’m never looking back.

So if you…

  • Know that you want to be a business owner, but aren’t sure where to start
  • Have a business idea but need a little help taking the next steps
  • Are having trouble making your business stand out online

As Said by Ed is the resource for you.

I’m so stoked that you’re here. I hope that in some way you find ASBE to be helpful in your entrepreneurial journey. I would like to invite you to join my free email list. By signing up, you’ll get access to my Resource Library that is packed full of downloads for creative entrepreneurs. Workbooks, cheat sheets, printable templates and much more all available to you 24/7!


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