• 26 Things to Create for Your Business/Blog Using Canva

    There are two types of people in this world: there are Photoshop and Illustrator wizards, and then there are the rest of us. Seriously…it’s difficult.  I fall squarely into the second category, and even though I like to think (key word being “think”) that I have an eye for good design, I have zero talent when it […]


  • What is a Swipe File and Why Do I Need One?

    You want to write amazing content and successfully market your business, you really do. But it’s just so hard to come up with good ideas and to come up with them consistently. Been there. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and I still have serious marketing/writing envy at times. Sometimes it feels like everybody has better ideas than […]


  • 7 Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

    When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s ever so tempting to buy things to make running your business easier. There is an endless supply of apps, computer programs, design services, virtual assistants, etc. that all the seasoned entrepreneurs have. And boy, wouldn’t that be nice.  But here’s the thing: when you’re first starting out, […]


  • Business Idea

    7 Simple Things to Do After Deciding On a Business Idea

    This is a time to be excited, friend…because coming up with a solid business idea is half the battle of self-employment. All of us have things that we’re good at that could potentially make us money and give us freedom from a conventional 9-5, but taking one of those skills and creating a business plan […]


  • How I Make $1,000 a month

    How I Make $1,000 a Month Cutting Vinyls

    Aside from being a small business enthusiast and marketing nerd, I am a DIYer to the core. I love getting my hands into anything and everything creative, and when that anything/everything is something that brings in extra cash, well, that’s a serious perk. I live in the south, and we like everything personalized…that’s just how […]