• Starting a Blog

    Starting a Blog on Your Lunch Break: The No BS Guide

    A more appropriate title for this would be “creating a website on your lunch break,” because that is what I’m teaching you to do! Most people who hear the word “blog” automatically think of a website, and this post was originally marketed to people wanting to blog – but the instructions are good for setting […]


  • How to be more productive

    How to Be More Productive While Working From Home

    This is a big one for anyone aspiring to have a DIY nine to five. “How to be more productive” is a phrase that I’ve probably Googled a thousand times in my life (900 of those times being within the last year) because it really is SO easy to get off track, even when you’ve […]


  • Real Life DIY 9-5: How I Make Money Flipping Furniture

    I’ve been restoring furniture for years now as a hobby. I’ve always loved transforming and improving things that I purchase or find, and I recently decided to turn it into a side business…partly because I’ve run out of room in my house for all of my projects. Like the other side businesses that I have […]