Business Tips

  • Making Money Blogging: What the Hell was I Doing Wrong? My First Income Report.

    **Edit: Hello, friends! Looking back on this post a year later, I realized now that I really mis-titled it. Really it should be titled “Why My Website Sucked in 2016.” Blogging isn’t my business, it’s a marketing tool that I use for my business and to promote my website. So while all of the things I was doing wrong are totally true, I think the title is slightly misleading. So when you’re going through this post, keep in mind that these are changes I implemented to improve my website/business as a whole. Happy reading!

    Ah, the thought of quitting your day job and making money blogging about things that you love – this dream is enough to get any entrepreneur thinking…am I right?

    My thoughts exactly.

    I started my blog back in April 2016, and I was chomping at the bit to write content and get it launched. The day my blog went live, it received over 600 views – Hell YES! I thought, this is going to be great. Yeah, about that, no.

    How many blog posts have we read about people who made billions of dollars (exaggeration, but you get the point) using things like affiliate links or Google Ads? Effortless, passive income. That’s what I’m talking about! I, too, jumped on the affiliate links/Google Ads pain train. I found products that I actually use and like, wrote awesome blog posts and seamlessly integrated the affiliate links. Then I signed up for Google Ads, designed an ad space that fit my site, and sat back waiting for the fireworks. My first income report total, you ask? A WHOPPING $4.91. That should be enough to live off of, right? Maybe my landlord will accept a hug as rent payment instead of, you know, actual money.



  • Real Life DIY 9-5: How I Make Money Flipping Furniture

    I’ve been restoring furniture for years now as a hobby. I’ve always loved transforming and improving things that I purchase or find, and I recently decided to turn it into a side business…partly because I’ve run out of room in my house for all of my projects.

    Like the other side businesses that I have had over the years, I followed a set of strategic tips to make my products as profitable as possible. Even though this particular example is centered around restoring furniture, these helpful tips can be used in any business setting where you are selling products!