A one-time coaching call to take a look at your current marketing strategy and discuss improvements that can be made.

You feel as though you have a pretty good grip on your marketing and have a strategy (or at least kind of have a strategy) in place that you use as a guide for your marketing efforts. 

But maybe you’re not bringing in the amount of new customers you hoped you would, or maybe your phones are ringing, but the people on the other end are not your target customer, which results in a lot of wasted time.

The thing about an effective marketing strategy is that it needs to be tailored to fit your business. Your marketing needs to reflect your brand, it needs to appeal to your target market and it needs to be presented to your potential customers where they are. If your marketing strategy is off in any of these key areas, it’s never going to work to it’s full potential – which means you’re losing out on potential customers AND income. 

You don’t need a marketing agency to build you a marketing strategy from scratch, and you don’t need a marketing director on your payroll…you just need your current strategy looked over and tweaked by a marketing professional. 

*In walks the marketing audit.* 

With this marketing audit, I’ll look over your current marketing strategy and provide you with simple, actionable ways to improve it. 


First things first: We’ll first start with a little background info. I’ll send you a questionnaire asking for information about your current marketing efforts, your business goals, your target market, etc. This will give me an idea of where you are currently and will help me to come up with a plan of action prior to our phone conversation. I will also put together an outline of my suggestions prior to our call that we can reference.

The audit call: After reviewing your current marketing strategy and coming up with a game plan, we will have a 90 minute phone call where we will discuss your current strategy, changes that should be made, your business goals and actionable steps to take moving forward.

Your new and improved marketing strategy: After our call is complete, I will go through the outline and the notes from the call detailing everything we discussed and will create a customized guide to implementing your new marketing strategy. The guide will be complete with a suggested marketing schedule, marketing ideas and tools + resources to help you accomplish your goals.

– $489 –

“We are incredibly pleased and impressed by Eden’s approach and responsiveness to every task we have charged her with. She demonstrated her expertise in the field of marketing by taking the time to gain an intricate understanding of the details of our company as well as our wishes, before crafting an incredibly creative and innovative strategy. Eden’s attention to detail, creativeness, depth of knowledge and superb content creation far exceeded our expectations. Eden is a valued strategic partner and has become an integral part of Southend’s continued, rapid growth.”

Bridget McClellan
Southend Reclaimed